J. Phys. IV France
Volume 125, June 2005
Page(s) 399 - 402

J. Phys. IV France 125 (2005) 399-402

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2005125093

Simulation of photothermal measurements on Cu-Carbon interface systems

S. Chotikaprakhan1, 2, D. Dietzel1, J. Pelzl1, E. Neubauer3, 4 and B.K. Bein1

1  Exp. Physics III, Solid State Spectroscopy, Ruhr-University, 44780 Bochum, Germany
2  Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
3  ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, Dept. Materials and Production Engineering, Austria
4  Thin Film Group, Solid State Physics, TU Wien, Austria

Although the thermal depth profiles measured for Cu-C interface systems show similarities to the depth profiles of 2-layer systems with the effusivity of the first layer smaller than that of the substrate, large differences between the 2-layer model approximations and measured data are found at higher modulation frequencies. This is due to the fact, that the properties of the Cu films are not well described. If on the other hand, a 2-layer model with additional thermal contact resistance between the thin sputter-deposited Cu film and the C substrate is considered, a large variety of mathematically possible solutions can be found, which depend on parameter triplets consisting of the ratio of the effusivities film-to-substrate, the film's thermal diffusion time, and the thermal contact resistance.

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