J. Phys. IV France
Volume 123, March 2005
Page(s) 19 - 22

J. Phys. IV France 123 (2005) 19-22

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2005123002

Superconducting properties of Y Ba2(Cu1-xMx)3O $_{7-\delta}$ (M = Zn, Co) materials

H. Salamati and N. Mohammadi

Physics Dept. Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan 84156/8357, Iran

The influence of magnetic (s = 1) and nonmagnetic (s = 0) impurities in Y Ba2(Cu $_{1-{\rm x}}$ M $_{\rm x})_{3}$ O $_{7-\delta}$, (M = Zn and Co) system for x<0.01 were investigated by XRD, SEM, EDX, Resistivity, Susceptibility and direct Critical Current measurements. Two methods of doping have been used, namely, additional and substitutional. The XRD results show no noticeable change in the crystal structure of our samples. Doping the system with additional method did not result in a full substitution of Co and Zn in the CuO2 plane. A very low percent substitution of Zn and Co in YBCO system will be resided at the Cu (2) site in the CuO2 planes.

Key words: Zinc substitution; Cobalt substitution; YBCO superconductors.

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