J. Phys. IV France
Volume 112, October 2003
Page(s) 1151 - 1154

J. Phys. IV France
112 (2003) 1151
DOI: 10.1051/jp4:20031086

The functional and mechanical possibilities of surface alloying by shape memory materials for producing demountable couplings

J.M. Blednova, M.I. Chaevskiy and D.G. Budrevich

Kuban State University of Technology, Department of Materials Strength, Moskovskaya St. 2, P.O. Box 350062, Krasnodar, Russia

The possibilities of using the surface alloying by shape memory materials for producing reliable demountable coupling of machine parts and the estimation of functional and mechanical capabilities both surface layers and demountable couplings are described. Design and development solutions of producing these couplings are analyzed. The special attention to development of the tolerances and fits system is given. A necessary condition of developed technique is producing the intermediate layer of shape memory alloy between contact surfaces of parts. Thermoelastic properties of this layer ensure the interference fit in coupling. The argon-arc fusing technique for alloying the contact surfaces of parts is suggested and the same technique for coating of steel by NiTi-alloy is considered. Some technological peculiarities of heat treatment and training of fused layer by means rolling are described. The practical using of suggested technique for producing the built-up crankshafts is offered.

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