J. Phys. IV France
Volume 11, Numéro PR2, Juillet 2001
X-Ray Lasers 2000
Page(s) Pr2-159 - Pr2-162
7th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers

J. Phys. IV France 11 (2001) Pr2-159-Pr2-162

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2001231

Nickellike and neonlike soft X-ray lasing driven by two 200 ps Nd:glass laser pulses

Y. Gu1, Yutong Li1, Yingjun Li1, Y. You1, S. Chunyu1, W. Huang1, S. He1, Y. He1, L. Lu1, X. Yuan1, X. Wei1, C. Zhang1 and J. Zhang2

1  National Laboratory of High Temperature and High Density Laser-Plasma, Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, P.O. Box 919(986), Mianyang 621900, China
2  Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.O. Box 603(4), Beijing 100080, China

Soft x-ray lasing at 18.9 nm and 20.3 nm in nickel-like molybdenum and niobium ions has been demonstrated using two 200 ps laser pulses with ~0.2TW laser power at [MATH] from XingGuang II laser facility. A comparison has been made of performance of the neon-like chromium soft x-ray lasing at 28.5nm driven by a double 900 ps pulse at 6 TW/cm2, compare to that driven by a double 200 ps pulse at similar irradiance. The 900 ps pulse duration was found to be able to provide stronger emission and narrower divergence of neon-like chromium soft x-ray lasing.

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