J. Phys. IV France
Volume 11, Numéro PR2, Juillet 2001
X-Ray Lasers 2000
Page(s) Pr2-39 - Pr2-42
7th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers

J. Phys. IV France 11 (2001) Pr2-39-Pr2-42

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2001206

Transient collisional excitation X-ray laser generation with picoseconds laser pulses

M. Kado, T. Kawachi, N. Hasegawa, M. Tanaka, K. Sukegawa, K. Nagashima and Y. Kato

Advanced Photon Research Center, Kansai Research Establishment, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, 8-1 Umemidai Kizu-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0215, Japan

We have observed lasing on Ne-like 3s-3p line from titanium (32.4nm), Ni-like 4p-4d line from silver (13.9nm) and tin (11.9nm) with the transient collisional excitation (TCE) scheme that uses combination of a long prepulse ([MATH]) and a short main pulse ([MATH]). A gain coefficient of 23cm-1 was measured for plasma length up to 4mm with silver slab targets. We have also observed lasing on Ne-like and Ni-like lines with new TCE scheme that used pico-seconds laser pulse to generate plasma and observed strong improvement of x-ray laser gain coefficient. A gain coefficient of 14cm-1 was measured for plasma length up to 6mm with tin targets.

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