J. Phys. IV France
Volume 09, Numéro PR10, December 1999
International Workshop on Electronic Crystals
Page(s) Pr10-275 - Pr10-277
International Workshop on Electronic Crystals

J. Phys. IV France 09 (1999) Pr10-275-Pr10-277

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:19991072

Single-particle and spin-density wave charge dynamics in (TMTSF)2PF6 and (TMTSF)2AsF6 : A comparative overview

T. Vuletic1, D. Herman1, N. Biskup1, M. Pinteric1, 2, A. Omerzu1, S. Tomic1 and M. Nagasawa3

1  Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Groatia
2  Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
3  Department of Physics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

We present the results of DC and AC (100 mHz - 1MHz) electrical transport measurements in low and high electric fields performed in the spin-density wave (SDW) state of the Bechagaards salts (TMTSF)2PF6 and (TMTSF)2AsF6. We argue that a degree of complex structure of the SDW ground state which is unfolded in a particular experiment depends strongly on the chosen experimental probe and the crystal measured.

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