J. Phys. IV France
Volume 137, November 2006
Page(s) 259 - 263
Publié en ligne 23 décembre 2006
35th Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics
J. Bodzenta, M. Dzida and T. Pustelny
J. Phys. IV France 137 (2006) 259-263

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2006137052

Photothermal measurement with mirage effect for investigation of LiNbO3 single crystals

J. Bodzenta and M. Pyka

Department of Applied Physics, Institute of Physics, Silesian University of Technology, Boleslawa Krzywoustego 2, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

(Published online 23 December 2006)

Results of measurements of the thermal diffusivity of pure and doped lithium niobate single crystals are presented. A reference sample was a pure crystal. The others were doped with: Cu (0.05%at.), Dy (0.1%at., 1.0%at., and 1.7%at.), and Er + Yb (1.0%at. Er + 1.0%at. Yb) ions. Thermal properties were determined in [100], [120] and [001] crystallographic directions. Experimental studies were carried out using photothermal method based on mirage effect. This method based on determination of a phase lag connected with propagation of a thermal wave in investigated sample. Obtained results showed considerable anisotropy of the thermal diffusivity of pure crystal and doped samples. The thermal properties in [001] direction (c-axis) is higher than in directions perpendicular to it. Unexpectedly, anisotropy of the thermal diffusivity in plane (001) was also observed.

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