J. Phys. IV France
Volume 135, October 2006
Page(s) 67 - 73
Publié en ligne 23 novembre 2006
Neuvième colloque sur les lasers et l'optique quantique
C. Chardonnet et G. Millot
J. Phys. IV France 135 (2006) 67-73

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2006135010

High quality electron beam produced by laser: A new tool for science

V. Malka, J. Faure, Y. Glinec and A.F. Lifschitz

Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée - ENSTA, CNRS UMR 7639, École Polytechnique, Chemin de la Humière, 91761 Palaiseau, France

(Published online 23 November 2006)

The use of ultra short laser pulses delivered by powerful laser systems has permitted the emergence of new approaches for generating energetic particle beams. By focusing these laser pulses onto matter, extremely large electric fields can be generated, reaching the TV/m level well in excess than those produced by conventional accelerators. As a result, the distance over which particles extracted from the target can be accelerated to hundreds of MeV is reduced to distances on the order of millimetres. These laser-produced electron beams have a number of interesting properties and could lead themselves to applications in many fields, including medicine (radiotherapy), radiobiology (short-time-scale, low dose irradiation), chemistry (radiolysis), non-destructive material inspection by radiography, and accelerator physics.

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