J. Phys. IV France
Volume 134, August 2006
EURODYMAT 2006 - 8th International Conference on Mechanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading
Page(s) 559 - 564
Publié en ligne 26 juillet 2006
EURODYMAT 2006 - 8th International Conference on Mehanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading
J. Cirne, R. Dormeval, et al.
J. Phys. IV France 134 (2006) 559-564

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2006134086

Experimental investigation of dynamic friction at high contact pressure applied to an aluminium/stainless steel tribo pair

A. Juanicotena

Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique, Centre Île de France, BP. 12, 91680 Bruyères-le-Châtel, France

Published online: 26 July 2006

The paper describes a new dynamic friction experiment developed in order to provide data for direct code and model comparison. A plane shock wave generated by plate impact is applied to a specific target made up of two parts: a central cone surrounded by a confinement material. The geometry of the target ensures the contact at the interface. Free surface velocity measurement of the central cone allows us to indirectly determine the dynamic friction coefficient between the constituent materials of the target. This is calculated by comparing experimental and numerical simulation test results. Various contact pressure and sliding velocity are achievable by changing the nature of the flyer and the impact speed or the angle of the cone. Plate impact experiments with different impact velocities were conducted to investigate dry sliding characteristics of Al 5083 on AISI 321 stainless steel at high contact pressure, up to 10 GPa, and high sliding velocity, up to 400 m/s. Experimental results are presented and compared with calculations involving a modified Coulomb friction law.

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