J. Phys. IV France
Volume 123, March 2005
Page(s) 381 - 386

J. Phys. IV France 123 (2005) 381-386

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2005123070

Preparation and caracterization of TiO2 powder photocatalysts. Comparative studies of photocatalytic activity in the degradation of $\beta$-naphthol

S. Qourzal1, M. Tamimi1, A. Assabbane1, A. Nounah1, N. Maroufi1, A. Bouamrane2 and Y. Ait Ichou1

1  Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Équipe de Photocatalyse et Environnement, Département de Chimie, Faculté des Sciences, Université Ibn Zohr, BP. 8106, Cité Dakhla, Agadir, Maroc
2  Laboratoire d'Analyse Environnementale des Procédés et Systèmes Industriels, LAEPSI INSA Lyon, 69562 Villeurbanne Cedex, France

Titanium dioxide TiO2 powder photocatalysts were prepared at the laboratory by two methods: hydrolysis of titanium tetraisopropoxide (TTIP) and the precipitation of a precursor starting from titanium tetrachloride TiCl4 in basic medium. The products obtained are calcined at temperatures around 800$^{\circ}$C. Their characterization was carried out by both diffraction X-ray (XRD) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The photocatalytic activity of the elaborate solids (TiO2) is evaluated. It is compared with that given for commercial TiO2 "Degussa P-25" in the degradation of $\beta$-naphthol chosen as an model molecule in aqueous suspension. These reactions are done at room temperature in a photochemical reactor.

Key words: Preparation; TiO2; Photocatalysis; Photodegradation; $\beta$-naphthol.

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