J. Phys. IV France
Volume 120, December 2004
Page(s) 93 - 101

J. Phys. IV France 120 (2004) 93-101

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2004120010

Prediction of the kinetics of the phase transformations and the associated microstructure during continuous coolingin the Ti17

J. Da Costa Teixeira1, 2, L. Héricher1, B. Appolaire1, E. Aeby-Gautier1, G. Cailletaud3, S. Denis3 and N. Spath2

1  LSG2M - UMR CNRS/INPL/UHP, École des Mines, Parc de Saurupt, 54042 Nancy Cedex, France
2  Snecma Moteurs, YKOG2, 291, avenue d'Argenteuil, BP. 48, 92234 Gennevilliers Cedex, France
3  UMR CNRS 7633, Centre Des Materiaux, École des Mines de Paris, BP. 87, 91003 Evry Cedex, France

The aim of this paper is to present recent experimental results and related simulation about the $\beta$ -> $\alpha$GB + $\alpha$WGB and -> $\alpha$WI transformations which occur in the Ti17 alloy during the thermal treatments following the heating in the $\beta$ phase field. These phase transformations were experimentally studied under isothermal conditions in samples with negligible thermal gradients. The IT diagram was obtained, on the basis of electrical resistivity measurements and microstructural SEM observations. The kinetics of the phase transformation was further numerically simulated for continuous cooling on the basis of a formerly developed model giving the amount of each morphology ($\alpha$WGB, $\alpha$WI). Experimental and calculated results are compared.

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