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J. Phys. IV France
Volume 113, January 2004
Page(s) 39 - 42

J. Phys. IV France
113 (2004) 39
DOI: 10.1051/jp4:20040009

Physicochemical studies of E1(53-66) synthetic peptide by phospholipid monolayers and differential scanning calorimetry

S. Perez1, C. Mestres2, M. Pujol2, M.A. Alsina2 and I. Haro1

1  Department of Peptide & Protein Chemistry, Institute for Chemical and Environmental Research (IIQAB-CSIC), Jordi Girona 18-26, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
2  Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona, Av. Joan XXIII, s/n, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

In the present work, the physicochemical characterization of a hepatitis G virus (HGV) synthetic peptide by means of two different techniques was studied: lipid monolayers and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). We have studied the surface activity of E1(53-66), and its palmitoylated derivative, PalmE1(53-66), and the interactions of the last one mith dipalmiltoyl phosphatidylcholine (DPPC), and dipalmitoyl phosphatidylglycerol (DPPG) monolayers. Moreover, DSC was uscd to study the interaction of PalmE1(53-66) with multilamellar liposomes composed of DPPC.

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