J. Phys. IV France
Volume 112, October 2003
Page(s) 705 - 707

J. Phys. IV France
112 (2003) 705
DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2003980

Neutron diffraction effects before the B2 $\to$ B19 martensitic transformation in single crystal of binary TiNi based alloy

A.I. Lotkov1, V.N. Grishkov1, S.F. Dubinin2 and S.G. Teploukhov2

1  Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Laboratory of Material Science of Shape Memoly Alloys, Akademicheskii Pr. 2/1, 634021 Tomsk, Russia
2  Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Division of Russian Academy of Science, S. Kovalevskaya Street 18, 620219 Ekaterinburg, Russia

Experimental results of the microstructure changes of the B2 phase before the B2 $\to$B19 ' martensitic transformation are presented in the paper. The neutron diffraction patterns from the B2 phase of the Ti 49Ni 51 single crystal were obtained in the wide range of the reciprocal space. The neutron diffraction features in the [110] $_{\rm B2}$, direction and perpendicular to it are in details investigated in the work.

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