J. Phys. IV France
Volume 107, May 2003
Page(s) 33 - 36

J. Phys. IV France
107 (2003) 33
DOI: 10.1051/jp4:20030236

Accumulation of cadmium in tissue and its effect on live performance

M.C. Akyolcu1, D. Ozcelik1, S. Dursun1, S. Toplan1 and R. Kahraman2

1  Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Biophysics, Istanbul, Turkey
2  Istanbul University, Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey

Heavy metal pollution has gained more importance for environment as a result of increased industrialization rate all over the world. In present study investigation of effects of cadmium on live-weight due to accumulation in different tissues that taken in food were aimed. For such a purpose after their birth for four weeks chickens were fed by Cd added fodder (25 mg Cd/kg as cadmium sulfate). At the end offour weeks feeding period the chickens were scaled and sacrificed. For tissue cadmium level measurements, liver, kidney, muscle and bone dissections were performed on both experimental and same age contrai group animals. The measurements were performed in atomic absorption spectrophotometer. At the end of evaluation of data it was observed that live mean weight of experimental group was significantly lower than that of control group animals ( p < 0.001). On the other hand tissue cadmium concentrations of experimental group were found to be significantly higher than that of control group values. So accumulation of cadmium in tissue as a heavy metal may lead decreased rate of growth.

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