J. Phys. IV France
Volume 11, Numéro PR2, Juillet 2001
X-Ray Lasers 2000
Page(s) Pr2-345 - Pr2-350
7th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers

J. Phys. IV France 11 (2001) Pr2-345-Pr2-350

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2001267

Tunable coherent femtosecond X-ray source driven by an intense femtosecond laser

C.H. Nam, H.J. Shin, D.G. Lee, Y.H. Cha, K.H. Hong and J.-H. Kim

Department of Physics and Coherent X-ray Research Center, KAIST, 373-1 Kusong-dong, Yusong-gu, Taejon 305-701, Korea

The wavelength tunability of high harmonic generation is presented. By applying intense femtosecond laser pulse to gaseous medium, the wavelengths of high-order harmonics could be tuned. The wavelength shift large enough to cover the interval between adjacent orders was obtained in harmonics from Ar and Ne atoms driven by 25 fs pulses, opening a way to realize a tunable coherent x-ray source.

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