J. Phys. IV France
Volume 08, Numéro PR2, June 1998
Soft Magnetic Materials 13
Page(s) Pr2-79 - Pr2-82
Soft Magnetic Materials 13

J. Phys. IV France 08 (1998) Pr2-79-Pr2-82

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:1998218

Influence of etching of the surface on the magnetic properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 ribbon

S. Sabolek1, E. Babic1 and Z. Marohnic2

1  Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Bijenicka 32, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
2  Institute of Physics, Bijenicka 46, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Here we present the results for the influence of etching of the surfaces of the amorphous Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 ribbon on its magnetic properties in amorphous state and states obtained by successive annealing for one hour at several temperatures T ≤ 450°C. We discuss the changes in the domain structure, anisotropy and domain wall (DW) pinning in terms of the corresponding changes in the average angle < δ > between the domain magnetizations and ribbon axis, coercive field Hc, remanent magnetization Mr and maximum permeability μmax. The measurements show rather weak effects of etching on the magnetization processes and DW pinning in the amorphous state (small initial decrease of Hc). Results for the successively annealed sample show that etching does not improve properties of the nanocrystallized FeCuNbSiB ribbons.

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