J. Phys. IV France
Volume 10, Number PR7, May 2000
International Workshop on Dynamics in Confinement
Page(s) Pr7-325 - Pr7-328
International Workshop on Dynamics in Confinement

J. Phys. IV France 10 (2000) Pr7-325-Pr7-328

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2000766

Protein and solvent dynamics in hydrated Crambin

U.N. Wanderlingh1, R. Giordano1, M.T. Sciortino2 and A.J. Dianoux3

1  Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Messina and Istituto Nazionale Fisica della Materia, 98166 S. Agata, Messina, Italy
2  Istituto di Microbiologia dell'Università di Messina, 98166 S. Agata, Messina, Italy
3  Institut Laue-Langevin, BP. 156, 38042 Grenoble cedex 9, France

In this paper we present an high resolution Incoherent Quasi-elastic Neutron Scattering experiment on Crambin hydrated at h = 0.6g/g. Hydration was attained by using D2O and H2O, in order to separate the contribution of the protein from that of the water. The spectra were interpreted in terms of an elastic peak and a quasi-elastic lorentzian contribution. From the obtained EISF information about the number of fixed and mobile hydrogens are derived. For the latter, an estimation of the spanned spatial and temporal scales is provided. In the case of protein dynamics, the obtained results favourably compare with literature data on the conformational disorder found by X-ray diffraction on the crystalline sample. In the case of water dynamics, the data show a confinement effect on the diffusion of hydration water.

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