J. Phys. IV France
Volume 12, Numéro 9, November 2002
Page(s) 165 - 168

J. Phys. IV France
12 (2002) Pr9-165
DOI: 10.1051/jp4:20020385

Dynamics of charge density wave phase-slips in mesoscopic samples

S.N. Artemenko

Institute for Radioengineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 11-7 Mokhovaya Str., I01999 Moscow, Russia

Theoretical model of current conversion from normal to collective current in mesoscopic samples of CDW conductors is presented. The current conversion is described in terms of phase slips (PS) induced by strain of the CDW and stimulated by thermal fluctuations. Kernels of PS situated near contacts are surrounded by long-range perturbations of the CDW phase. If spacing between contacts is shorter than decaying length of these perturbations then temporal evolution of PS at different contacts becomes correlated, and PS voltage decreases with spacing between the contacts decreasing. The results are in qualitative agreement with experimental study of current conversion in submicron NbSe 3 wires.

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