J. Phys. IV France
Volume 04, Numéro C1, Janvier 1994
Récents Développements en Electrochimie Fondamentale et Appliquée
Page(s) C1-245 - C1-251
Récents Développements en Electrochimie Fondamentale et Appliquée

J. Phys. IV France 04 (1994) C1-245-C1-251

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:1994118

Les batteries au lithium à électrolyte polymère. Les activités de R&D à Hydro-Québec


Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Québec, 1800 Montee Sainte-Julie, Varennes, Québec J3X 1S1, Canada

Hydro-Québec, in close collaboration with the French CNRS and the INP de Grenoble for the LIES laboratory, has been involved in electrochemical research and development activities on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery since 1979. Major improvements in the battery performance in terms of cycling and energy density led to a joint-venture with Yuasa, a Japanese battery manufacturer, in 1990. Room-temperature activities, dedicated to electronics, are carried out by the Japanese and electric vehicle and stationary applications by the Canadians. Hydro-Québec's R&D activities are presently focused on the 2-kWh battery program. The main goal is to prove the feasibility of this technology, assess the unit operation required for production by an integrated pilot plant, and demonstrate the technology on the 2-kWh scale. The IREQ laboratory in Varennes is responsible for film preparation and characterizations (cycling, post-mortem, thermal management...) and LTEE laboratory in Shawinigan for cell assembly and packaging.

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