J. Phys. IV France
Volume 133, June 2006
Page(s) 787 - 789
Publié en ligne 16 juin 2006
Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications 2005
J.-C. Gauthier, et al.
J. Phys. IV France 133 (2006) 787-789

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:2006133159

MHD cumulation and X-ray emission pulse from X-pinch

S.Yu. Gus'kov1, G.V. Ivanenkov1 and W. Stepniewski2

1  P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninski Pr. 53, Moscow 119991, Russia
2  Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, ul. Hery 23, 00-908 Warsaw 49, Poland

The numerical data on electrical explosion of X-pinches have been obtained to analyze the physical phenomena, which lead to a generation of short high-intensity X-ray pulses observed in experiments. The main attention is given to MHD cumulative processes occurring in point-like regions of a non-equilibrium compressed plasma with high temperatures. The model gives the scaling laws for X-pinch cascade evolution, in particular, for hot-spot plasma parameters and X-ray burst. Namely, the duration of an x-ray pulse is of several picosecond, the size of a spark region is not larger than a few microns, and the X-ray pulse intensity is about 1017W/cm2.

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