J. Phys. IV France
Volume 09, Numéro PR10, December 1999
International Workshop on Electronic Crystals
Page(s) Pr10-325 - Pr10-325
International Workshop on Electronic Crystals

J. Phys. IV France 09 (1999) Pr10-325-Pr10-325

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:19991085

The stripe scenario in high Tc superconductors

A. Bianconi

Department of Physics, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

A new heterogeneous electronic phase of condensed matter made of stripes of itinerant charges, (10-20 Angstroms wide) appears as a generic feature of doped ternary transition metal oxides (manganites, cuprates and nickelates) showing some of the most fascinating phenomena in solid state physics, such as high Tc superconductivity and colossal magnetoresistance. This novel state of matter is shown to arise from the instabilty of a 2D electron gas close to wigner localization limit. The physics of the melting of a polaron wigner lattice as a function of temperature is tudied in the case of heavily doped manganites. A review of the expermental evidence for a 1D Wigner CDW coexisting with high Tc superconductivity based on advanced x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectroscopy and angle resolved photoemission methods using x-ray synchrotron radiation will be presented.

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