J. Phys. IV France
Volume 08, Numéro PR2, June 1998
Soft Magnetic Materials 13
Page(s) Pr2-277 - Pr2-280
Soft Magnetic Materials 13

J. Phys. IV France 08 (1998) Pr2-277-Pr2-280

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:1998266

Coupling of YCo2 thin films in a macroscopic ferrimagnet

F.H. Salas1, J.M. Alameda2, R. Morales2, L.M. Alvarez-Prado2 and G.T. Pérez2

1  Bempflinger Str. 16, 72766 Reutlingen-Mittelstadt, Germany
2  Universidad de Oviedo, C/Calvo Sotelo, s/n, 33007 Oviedo, Spain

We study here the behavior of YCo2 thin films when they are decoupled or when they are 3d-coupled in a macroscopic ferrimagnet (MF). The latter consists of YCo2/GdCo2/YCo2, the thickness of each layer (100 nm) being higher than the optical penetration depth. Such a study was done by means of the transverse magneto optic Kerr effect (TMOKE) hysteresis loops and their evolution upon applying a dc field perpendicularly to the easy axis of magnetization. We observe clear differences between magnetically decoupled layers and layers coupled in the MF. The latter case may be understood taken into account that the exchange interaction in the MF is controlled by the existence of a Bloch-type domain wall extending through the layered system.

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