J. Phys. IV France
Volume 08, Numéro PR2, June 1998
Soft Magnetic Materials 13
Page(s) Pr2-261 - Pr2-264
Soft Magnetic Materials 13

J. Phys. IV France 08 (1998) Pr2-261-Pr2-264

DOI: 10.1051/jp4:1998262

Magnetic properties of sol-gel derived Ni-Zn ferrite thin films

S.Y. Bae1, H.J. Jung2, C.S. Kim3 and Y.J. Oh2

1  Also with Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, CA 94305-2205, U.S.A.
2  Thin Film Technology Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, 39-1 Hawolkok-dong, Songbuk-ku, Seoul 150-165, Korea
3  Department of Physics, Kookmin University, Seoul 136- 702, Korea

The soft Ni-Zn ferries thin films were fabricated by a new metal salts-routed sol-gel processing, and magnetic properties of the films were investigated. A film with an homogeneous spinel phase was obtained from stock solution spun on SiO2/Si(100) substrate and a subsequent heat treatment ranging 500-800°C in air or O2. The microstructure of the films consisted of spherical grains of 500-1000 Å in size and 50-100 Å in surface roughness (rms). Microstructure and magnetic properties of the films were functions of annealing temperature and atmosphere. The optimized film was attained by annealing at 600°C in O2, which exhibited.Ms = 300 emu/cc and Hc = 170 Oe.

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