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Duplex Stainless Steel
J. Phys. IV France Vol. 10 No. PR6

Le Journal de Physique IV

Vol. 10 No. PR6 (April 2000)

The Sixth Japan-France Materials Science Seminar
Microstructural Design for Improved Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials

  • Synthesis and oxidation resistance of MoSi2-SiC composites     p. Pr6-3
    K. Kurokawa, M. Ube, Hideaki Takahashi and Heishichiro Takahashi
    Abstract | PDF file (1.877 MB)

  • Microstructural design criteria of fully lamellar TiAl alloys for improved creep strength     p. Pr6-9
    K. Maruyama, R. Yamamoto and G. Wegmann
    Abstract | PDF file (337.2 KB)

  • Variations in the α2/γ lamellar microstructure in Ti48Al alloys as a function of cooling rate and oxygen content     p. Pr6-15
    F. Perdrix, M. Cornet, J. Bigot and J.-P. Chevalier
    Abstract | PDF file (255.8 KB)

  • Correlation between microstructure and transformation behaviour in bulk and rapidly solidified shape memory alloys     p. Pr6-21
    C. Elgoyhen, M. Larnicol, P. Ochin and R. Portier
    Abstract | PDF file (2.274 MB)

  • Magnetic and mechanical properties of ultrafine Fe/Cu laminates produced by repeated rolling     p. Pr6-27
    M. Sasaki, D. Imai, K. Shirae and N. Igata
    Abstract | PDF file (1006 KB)

  • Nanostructure formation and phase transformation in intermetallic compounds during severe plastic deformation     p. Pr6-33
    O. Dimitrov, A.V. Korznikov, G.F. Korznikova and G. Tram
    Abstract | PDF file (1.428 MB)

  • Control of primary α phase morphology in beta metastable titanium alloys     p. Pr6-39
    E. Gautier, E. Laude, R. Sanguinetti-Ferrera and S. Denis
    PDF file (36.61 KB)

  • Grain boundary engineering for high performance structural and functional materials     p. Pr6-41
    T. Watanabe
    Abstract | PDF file (862.2 KB)

  • Mechanical behaviour of thin films on substrates : Debonding and buckling     p. Pr6-47
    F. Cleymand, C. Coupeau, J. Colin and J. Grilhé
    Abstract | PDF file (694.6 KB)

  • Structure and properties of hard coatings produced by dynamic ion mixing     p. Pr6-53
    J.P. Rivière
    Abstract | PDF file (1.645 MB)

  • Martensitic transition of Cu-13.2Al-3Ni (wt.%) shape memory alloy studied by isothermal mechanical spectrometry     p. Pr6-59
    V. Pelosin, G. Covarel and A. Rivière
    Abstract | PDF file (238.0 KB)

  • Island formation by stress induced diffusion on the surface of a very thin layer epitaxially stressed on a substrate     p. Pr6-65
    J. Colin and J. Grilhé
    Abstract | PDF file (616.7 KB)

  • Microstructure and texture in secondary recrystallized silicon steel     p. Pr6-73
    S. Suzuki, S. Takebayashi and Y. Ushigami
    Abstract | PDF file (2.010 MB)

  • An experimental and theoretical study of bonding mechanisms in ternary γ-TiAl + X (X = Cr, Mn, Nb) alloys     p. Pr6-79
    M. Jaouen, T. Sikora, G. Hug and M.G. Walls
    Abstract | PDF file (281.8 KB)

  • High-angle annular dark-field STEM of partially ordered Ni-19.5at%Mo alloys     p. Pr6-85
    N. Tanaka, N. Suzuki, M. Kawasaki, S. Hata, N. Kuwano and K. Oki
    Abstract | PDF file (1.360 MB)

  • 3D atom probe investigation of nanocomposite wires     p. Pr6-91
    X. Sauvage, A. Guillet, F. Danoix and D. Blavette
    Abstract | PDF file (241.9 KB)

  • Application of HRTEM to studies of electronic structure and atomic configuration of interface in SiC/SiC composites     p. Pr6-97
    T. Shibayama, G.W. He, Heishichiro Takahashi and A. Kohyama
    Abstract | PDF file (653.8 KB)

  • Ultrafine-grain ferrite steel and its mechanical properties     p. Pr6-105
    K. Nagai
    Abstract | PDF file (551.2 KB)

  • 3D atomic investigation of solute segregation to both planar and line defects in metallic alloys     p. Pr6-111
    D. Blavette, A. Fraczkeiwicz and E. Cadel
    PDF file (47.60 KB)

  • Internal friction of Fe/Cu laminated composite metal     p. Pr6-113
    N. Igata, M. Sasaki, Y. Kogo and K. Hishitani
    Abstract | PDF file (743.0 KB)

  • Mechanical relaxations in LAS-type glass and glass-ceramics related with microstructure     p. Pr6-119
    L. Arnault and A. Rivière
    Abstract | PDF file (249.0 KB)

  • In situ straining deformation of superalloys and intermetallics     p. Pr6-125
    A. Coujou, A. Couret, F. Pettinari and N. Clement
    Abstract | PDF file (1.857 MB)

  • Electron diffraction (LACBED) and HRTEM Moiré fringe pattern study of stress in YBaCuO thin film on Mg0     p. Pr6-131
    F. Pailloux and R.J. Gaboriaud
    Abstract | PDF file (1.379 MB)

  • Deformation behavior of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses in a wide temperature range     p. Pr6-139
    S. Takeuchi, T. Kakegawa,, N. Hirose and K. Jinzai
    Abstract | PDF file (1.665 MB)

  • A discrete dislocation model of Stage I fatigue crack growth and an analysis of Mode I to Mode II transition at low ΔK1     p. Pr6-145
    V. Doquet
    Abstract | PDF file (312.2 KB)

  • Strain hardening rate in relation to microstructure in precipitation hardening materials     p. Pr6-151
    A. Deschamps, S. Esmaeili, W.J. Poole and M. Militzer
    Abstract | PDF file (287.9 KB)

  • Grain boundary-related high temperature plasticity in oxide ceramics : The effect of cation doping     p. Pr6-157
    T. Sakuma
    Abstract | PDF file (311.3 KB)

  • Dislocation pinning by glissile interstitial loops in a FCC nickel crystal. A molecular dynamics study     p. Pr6-163
    D. Rodney and G. Martin
    Abstract | PDF file (18.50 KB)

  • Intragranular plasticity of β Si3N4 between 20 °C and 700 °C     p. Pr6-165
    X. Milhet, J.L. Demenet and J. Rabier
    Abstract | PDF file (1.183 MB)

  • Misorientation dependence of grain boundary segregation under electron irradiation in an austenitic stainless steel     p. Pr6-173
    S. Watanabe, Y. Takamatsu, N. Sakaguchi and Heishichiro Takahashi
    Abstract | PDF file (246.1 KB)

  • Modelling of hydrogen - dislocation interactions during stress corrosion cracking     p. Pr6-179
    T. Magnin and D. Delafosse
    Abstract | PDF file (1.732 MB)

  • Statistical approach for evaluating SCC initiation and propagation behavior of sensitized Type 304 stainless steel     p. Pr6-185
    T. Shibata, S. Zhang and T. Haruna
    Abstract | PDF file (245.3 KB)

  • Simulation of the irradiation effects in reactor materials : The REVE project     p. Pr6-191
    S. Jumel, C. Domain, J. Ruste, J.C. Van Duysen, C. Becquart, A. Legris, P. Pareige, A. Barbu and V. Pontikis
    Abstract | PDF file (233.2 KB)

  • Electron backscattered diffraction and atomic force microscopy analysis of slip bands induced by fatigue in 316L austenitic stainless steel     p. Pr6-197
    L. Sabatier, P. Villechaise and J.C. Girard
    Abstract | PDF file (1.492 MB)

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