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Duplex Stainless Steel
J. Phys. IV France Vol. 03 No. C9

Le Journal de Physique IV

Vol. 03 No. C9 (Décembre 1993)

Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials
Actes du 3ème Colloque International sur la Corrosion et la Protection des Matériaux à Haute Température

  • Fundamental aspects of high-temperature corrosion     p. C9-1
    Robert A. Rapp
    Abstract | PDF file (2.020 MB)

  • Protection of materials by advanced high temperature coatings     p. C9-17
    Roland Streiff
    Abstract | PDF file (6.859 MB)

  • High temperature corrosion in practical systems     p. C9-43
    John Stringer
    Abstract | PDF file (1.126 MB)

  • The adhesion of growing oxide scales to the substrate     p. C9-65
    G.C. Wood and J. Stringer
    Abstract | PDF file (534.2 KB)

  • Internal oxidation of Nb-Zr alloys over the range 1555-1768°C at low oxygen pressures     p. C9-75
    D.L. Douglass, D.L. Corn and Fernando Rizzo
    Abstract | PDF file (2.769 MB)

  • Microstructure influence on the oxidation behaviour at 750°C of astroloy     p. C9-85
    C. Mons, C. Lineau, C. Haut, G. Rautureau, E. Beauprez and G. Moulin
    Abstract | PDF file (2.273 MB)

  • Protonic defects in oxides and their possible role in high temperature oxidation     p. C9-99
    Truls Norby
    Abstract | PDF file (851.0 KB)

  • Influence of the kinetic demixing of cations on ceramic ageing and alloy corrosion     p. C9-107
    C. Petot, G. Petot-Ervas, D. Monceau and H. Klimczyk
    Abstract | PDF file (670.7 KB)

  • Ondulation de l'interface métal/oxyde dans le cas des alliages Ti-Zr     p. C9-115
    I. Demoulin, D. Ciosmak and M. Lallemant
    Abstract | PDF file (1.442 MB)

  • The oxidation mechanism of Pt20Ni30Al50     p. C9-123
    P.A. van Manen, G.W.R. Leibbrandt, R. Klumpes and J.H.W. de Wit
    Abstract | PDF file (740.2 KB)

  • Investigation of the transient state of oxidation-chloridation     p. C9-133
    E. Reese, E.M. Müller-Lorenz and H.J. Grabke
    Abstract | PDF file (1.105 MB)

  • Corrosion of chromium containing alloys in non-steady state environments containing oxygen, carbon, and chlorine     p. C9-143
    M.J. McNallan, S. Thongtem, J.C. Liu, Y.S. Park and P. Shyu
    Abstract | PDF file (746.3 KB)

  • Approaches to oxidation-resistant refractory metal alloys     p. C9-151
    I.G. Wright and V. Nagarajan
    Abstract | PDF file (930.3 KB)

  • Démixtion et décomposition d'alliages semi-précieux quaternaires par oxydation à haute température : mécanismes diffusionnels     p. C9-159
    R. Charnay, B. Soegijono and P. Guiraldenq
    Abstract | PDF file (1.134 MB)

  • Factors affecting the nitridation behavior of Fe-base, Ni-base, and Co-base alloys in pure nitrogen     p. C9-167
    J.J. Barnes and G.Y. Lai
    Abstract | PDF file (1.095 MB)

  • Oxidation of ODS alloys     p. C9-177
    W.J. Quadakkers
    Abstract | PDF file (1.991 MB)

  • Oxidation of metallic alloys to produce high Tc superconducting oxide/Ag microcomposites     p. C9-187
    Wei Gao and John B. Vander Sande
    Abstract | PDF file (2.592 MB)

  • High temperature corrosion of MA 956 in sulfidizing/oxidizing/carburizing environments : a study of the influence of preoxidation on the corrosion resistance of the alloy     p. C9-197
    F. Uberti, F. Gesmundo and G.P. Toledo
    Abstract | PDF file (1.144 MB)

  • Ducropur, Ducrolloy - New chromium materials     p. C9-205
    H.-P. Martinz, W. Köck and T. Sakaki
    Abstract | PDF file (2.765 MB)

  • The reactive element effect (REE) in oxidation of alloys     p. C9-217
    Yasutoshi Saito, Bülent Önay and Toshio Maruyama
    Abstract | PDF file (1.433 MB)

  • Effect of surface-applied reactive elements on the early stage oxidation of Fe- 18Cr-5Al and Fe-18Cr-5Al-1Hf alloys     p. C9-231
    P.Y. Hou and J. Stringer
    Abstract | PDF file (2.012 MB)

  • The effect of reactive element coatings on the oxidation behaviour of pure Cr and high Cr-content alloys at 900 °C     p. C9-241
    R.J. Hussey, G.I. Sproule and M.J. Graham
    Abstract | PDF file (276.4 KB)

  • The effect of Y and Ti on FeCrAl oxidation at 1400 °C     p. C9-247
    B.A. Pint, A.J. Garratt-Reed and L.W. Hobbs
    Abstract | PDF file (1.001 MB)

  • Beneficial effects of Y2O3 dispersion on Al2O3 protective coating     p. C9-257
    Y. Ikeda and M. Yata
    Abstract | PDF file (652.1 KB)

  • Etude de l'influence d'un dépôt d'oxyde de cérium sur le comportement vis-à-vis de l'oxydation isotherme et cyclique de deux aciers commerciaux : Z4CN18-09 (AISI 304) et Z2CT17 (F17Ti)     p. C9-265
    G. Aguilar, J.P. Larpin and J.C. Colson
    Abstract | PDF file (691.3 KB)

  • A novel explanation of the "reactive element effect" in alloy oxidation     p. C9-275
    B. Pieraggi and R.A. Rapp
    Abstract | PDF file (241.6 KB)

  • The reactive element effect (R.E.E.) : a tentative classification     p. C9-281
    J. Maximilien N'gandu-Muamba and Roland Streiff
    Abstract | PDF file (2.717 MB)

  • Influence of yttrium on high temperature behaviour of Fe-Cr-Al-Y alloys     p. C9-291
    F. Clémendot, J.M. Gras and J.C. van Duysen
    Abstract | PDF file (1.678 MB)

  • The effect of yttria coatings on the oxidation behaviour of Fe-25Al and Ni-32Al at 1100 and 1200 °C     p. C9-301
    R. Prescott, D.F. Mitchell, J.W. Fraser and M.J. Graham
    Abstract | PDF file (1.695 MB)

  • Influence of minor additions to Fe-Mn-Al alloys in an oxidizing environment - Role of a cerium oxide modified surface on silicon containing alloys     p. C9-309
    H. Buscail, P. Sotto and J.P. Larpin
    Abstract | PDF file (1.471 MB)

  • Summary of studies on hot corrosion of iron-based alloys by sodium sulfate in O2/SO2/SO3 environment     p. C9-319
    Yunshu Zhang and Weitao Wu
    Abstract | PDF file (361.7 KB)

  • Sulfidation of Fe-Cr binary alloys in H2/H2S atmosphere at 873- 1073 K     p. C9-327
    Z. Zurek and J. Gawel
    Abstract | PDF file (737.7 KB)

  • High temperature sulfidation of pack-tantalized iron     p. C9-331
    A. Galerie, F. Passier, X. Nguyen Khac and M. Caillet
    Abstract | PDF file (1.231 MB)

  • Oxidation and sulfidation resistance of a Nb-Cr alloy     p. C9-339
    Chuxin Zhou and L.W. Hobbs
    Abstract | PDF file (1.305 MB)

  • Oxidation of stainless steels (AISI 304 and 316) at high temperature. Influence on the metallic substratum     p. C9-349
    R. Guillamet, J. Lopitaux, B. Hannoyer and M. Lenglet
    Abstract | PDF file (274.5 KB)

  • High temperature sulfidation-oxidation of stainless steels     p. C9-357
    K. Tjokro, D .J. Young, R.E. Johansson and B.G. Ivarsson
    Abstract | PDF file (1.299 MB)

  • Oxidation of advanced intermetallic compounds     p. C9-367
    N.S. Bornstein
    Abstract | PDF file (317.2 KB)

  • The hot corrosion of two Fe-Al intermetallics at 600 ° C     p. C9-375
    F. Gesmundo, Y . Niu, F. Viani and O. Tassa
    Abstract | PDF file (1.284 MB)

  • Molten (Na, K)2SO4-NaCl salt corrosion of Ni3Al alloy     p. C9-383
    Caoliu Zen, Jianqing Zhang and Weitao Wu
    Abstract | PDF file (64.59 KB)

  • Accelerated oxidation of aluminides at intermediate temperatures     p. C9-385
    H.J. Grabke, M.W. Brumm, M. Steinhorst and B. Wagemann
    Abstract | PDF file (1.707 MB)

  • Oxidation behavior of titanium aluminides     p. C9-395
    G.H. Meier, F.S. Pettit and S. Hu
    Abstract | PDF file (1.324 MB)

  • Oxidation resistance of TiAl improved by a CoCrAl coating     p. C9-403
    Shigeji Taniguchi, Toshio Shibata, Naoyuki Asanuma, Hanyi Luo, Fuhui Wang and Weitao Wu
    Abstract | PDF file (795.1 KB)

  • Isothermal and cyclic oxidation of TiAl composites     p. C9-411
    J.S. Fish and D.J. Duquette
    Abstract | PDF file (1.223 MB)

  • Development of oxidation resistant high temperature NbTiAl alloys and intermetallics     p. C9-419
    M. Allouard, Y. Bienvenu, L. Nazé and C.B. Brancho-Troconis
    Abstract | PDF file (2.075 MB)

  • Sulfidation of pure and chromium-modified beta-NiAl intermetallic compound - mechanism studies     p. C9-429
    E. Godlewska and S. Mrowec
    Abstract | PDF file (799.1 KB)

  • Oxydation du zircaloy-4 dans l'air à haute température     p. C9-439
    Sulistijono, A. Bouden, M. Cherfaoui, G. Beranger and M. Lambertin
    Abstract | PDF file (350.2 KB)

  • High temperature corrosion kinetics by a fast X-ray diffraction method applied to nickel     p. C9-447
    V. Kolarik, M. Juez-Lorenzo, N. Eisenreich and W. Engel
    Abstract | PDF file (212.2 KB)

  • Surface microsurgery: taper section preparation     p. C9-453
    J.A. Desport and M.J. Bennett
    Abstract | PDF file (1.830 MB)

  • In-situ study of high temperature corrosion kinetics of iron using a fast X-ray diffraction method     p. C9-461
    M. Juez-Lorenzo, V. Kolarik, N. Eisenreich, W. Engel and A.J. Criado
    Abstract | PDF file (210.3 KB)

  • Analytical TEM study of the oxidation of nickel based superalloys     p. C9-469
    Régine Molins and Eric Andrieu
    Abstract | PDF file (1.868 MB)

  • Initial stages of cobalt oxidation by FTIR spectroscopy     p. C9-477
    M. Lenglet, J. Lopitaux, L. Terrier, P. Chartier, J.F. Koenig, E Nkeng and G. Poillerat
    Abstract | PDF file (267.6 KB)

  • Oxydation et protection des alliages base niobium     p. C9-487
    Jean Steinmetz, Michel Vilasi and Bernard Roques
    Abstract | PDF file (3.083 MB)

  • Effect of palladium-based undercoat on the formation, structure and properties of diffusion aluminide coatings     p. C9-499
    P. Steinmetz, S. Alpérine, P. Josso and J.M. Claude
    Abstract | PDF file (885.6 KB)

  • Oxidation behaviour of simple and Pt-modified aluminide coatings on IN738 at 1100 °C     p. C9-511
    Y. Niu, W. T. Wu, D. H. Boone, J. S. Smith, J.Q. Zhang and C. L. Zhen
    Abstract | PDF file (1.613 MB)

  • High temperature corrosion study on yttrium modified aluminide coatings on IN 713C     p. C9-521
    Kyoo Young Kim, Jae Ho Jun and Jae Kee Lee
    Abstract | PDF file (2.454 MB)

  • Kinetic and morphologic study of the pack-aluminization of a series of refractory alloys     p. C9-531
    D. Claves and A. Galerie
    Abstract | PDF file (735.9 KB)

  • Amélioration du comportement en cyclage thermique d'un dépôt plasma métallique par compression isostatique à chaud     p. C9-541
    R. Hamacha and F. Nardou
    Abstract | PDF file (1.884 MB)

  • The effect of reactively-sputtered alumina films on the oxidation resistance of CoCrAlY coatings     p. C9-551
    Fuhui Wang, Shenglong Zhu, Hanyi Lou and Weitao Wu
    Abstract | PDF file (2.373 MB)

  • Structure and composition of MCrAlY coatings modified by Al additions     p. C9-559
    F. Brossa, D. D'Angelo and E. Gandini
    Abstract | PDF file (2.548 MB)

  • Protective effect of coatings on the corrosion behaviour of Ni based superalloys in gas turbines atmospheres     p. C9-569
    F. Coen-Porisini, R. Saiu, F. Dos Santos Marques and F. Bregani
    Abstract | PDF file (2.155 MB)

  • Coating by laser surface treatment     p. C9-581
    W.M. Steen and K.G. Watkins
    Abstract | PDF file (464.5 KB)

  • The effect of implanted yttrium on the oxidation behaviour of Fe-20Cr-5Al alloy at 1373 K in air     p. C9-591
    J. Jedlinski, M. Krasovec, G. Borchardt and J.W. Quadakkers
    Abstract | PDF file (1.155 MB)

  • High temperature attack by SO2 of laser boronized iron     p. C9-599
    H. Dao Duong, A. Galerie, M. Pons and M. Caillet
    Abstract | PDF file (1.803 MB)

  • Influence of laser surface remelt on high temperature oxidation of a low pressure plasma sprayed AMDRY997 overlay coating     p. C9-607
    Weitao WU, Roland Streiff, Jianqing Zhang, Suqing Xu and Caoliu zeng
    Abstract | PDF file (2.002 MB)

  • Oxydation comparée d'un dépôt de chrome, par traitement thermique classique et par laser CO2 continu, à température constante     p. C9-615
    S. Beauvais, S. Fritsch, A.M. Huntz, G. Moulin, L. Beylat and J. J. Bléchet
    Abstract | PDF file (1.490 MB)

  • High temperature oxidation behaviour of laser surface alloyed iron-silicon coatings on iron     p. C9-625
    S.K. Roy, A. Fasasi, M. Pons, A. Galerie and M. Caillet
    Abstract | PDF file (1.562 MB)

  • Oxidation resistance of plasma coated and laser treated mild steel     p. C9-635
    A.S. Khanna, R.K. Singh Raman and E.W. Kreutz
    Abstract | PDF file (855.7 KB)

  • Microstructural investigations of EBPVD thermal barrier coatings     p. C9-645
    L. Lelait, S. Alpérine and C. Diot
    Abstract | PDF file (965.5 KB)

  • Corrosion mechanisms of ZrO2-Y2O3 thermal barrier coatings in the presence of molten middle-east sand     p. C9-655
    D.J. de Wet, R. Taylor and F.H. Stott
    Abstract | PDF file (2.120 MB)

  • Erosion-corrosion and wear     p. C9-667
    N. Birks, F.S. Pettit and D.M. Rishel
    Abstract | PDF file (866.7 KB)

  • Erosion and corrosion in advanced coal fired FBC systems     p. C9-679
    A.J. Minchener and J. E. Oakey
    Abstract | PDF file (383.2 KB)

  • The significance of velocity exponents in identifying erosion-corrosion mechanisms     p. C9-687
    M.M. Stack, F.H. Stott and G.C. Wood
    Abstract | PDF file (312.3 KB)

  • Corrosion in coal gasification atmospheres     p. C9-697
    Roger A. Perkins
    Abstract | PDF file (3.011 MB)

  • Corrosion dans les centrales nucléaires à eau pressurisée     p. C9-707
    Pierre Saint-Paul
    Abstract | PDF file (1.412 MB)

  • Heavy duty gas turbines experience with ash-forming fuels     p. C9-719
    M. Molière and J. Sire
    Abstract | PDF file (1.604 MB)

  • Corrosion in coal gasification environments at 550 °C     p. C9-731
    W.T. Bakker, J.A. Bonvallet and J.H.W. de Wit
    Abstract | PDF file (947.9 KB)

  • High temperature corrosion in modern thermal power generation : gas turbines, high efficiency boilers, IGCC     p. C9-741
    N. Bolt
    Abstract | PDF file (760.4 KB)

  • Corrosion during gasification of biomass and waste     p. C9-751
    Rikard Källström
    Abstract | PDF file (1.398 MB)

  • The influence of impurities in Zr-2.5Nb on oxygen and deuterium pickup at 573 K in D2O     p. C9-763
    R.A. Ploc
    Abstract | PDF file (1009 KB)

  • Coating behaviour for materials of industrial waste incinerators and heat exchangers in high temperature corrosive atmospheres     p. C9-771
    F. Devisme, T. Flament, J.C. Mulet, C. Prebende and J.L. Martigneaux
    Abstract | PDF file (1.955 MB)

  • Investigation of hot salt corrosion at a land-based gas turbine installation     p. C9-779
    F. Starr, N. Wood and R. Robertson
    Abstract | PDF file (2.622 MB)

  • High temperature corrosion of water wall tube in coalfired combustion gases     p. C9-787
    K. Nakagawa, M. Kitagawa, Y. Tumita and S. Ooki
    Abstract | PDF file (1.200 MB)

  • Effect of process variables on wastage in fluidized bed combustors: criteria for test procedures     p. C9-797
    John Stringer, Stuart S. MacAdam, Ian G. Wright and Vijay K. Sethi
    Abstract | PDF file (482.5 KB)

  • Alloy corrosion in a coal gasification system     p. C9- 807
    N.J. Simms, J.F. Norton and TM. Lowe
    Abstract | PDF file (1.270 MB)

  • Protection of carbon based composites     p. C9-819
    M.P. Bacos
    Abstract | PDF file (429.3 KB)

  • Résistance à la corrosion des composites céramiques thermostructuraux     p. C9-831
    Jacques Thebault
    Abstract | PDF file (1.646 MB)

  • Protection against oxidation of C/SiC composites: oxidation behaviour of CVD TiB2 coated substrates     p. C9-843
    C. Courtois, J. Desmaison and H. Tawil
    Abstract | PDF file (667.2 KB)

  • The behaviour of amorphous silica coatings at high temperatures in aggressive environments     p. C9-855
    C.F.Ayres, M, .J. Bennett, D.D.Gohil, B. Léon, M. Pérez-Amor, J. Pou and S.R.J. Saunders
    Abstract | PDF file (1.070 MB)

  • Improved SiO2-coatings against high temperature sulphidation by internal stress reduction     p. C9-865
    R. Hofman, J.G.F. Westheim, T. Fransen and P.J. Gellings
    Abstract | PDF file (1.653 MB)

  • Theoretical aspects of oxidation of composite materials     p. C9-873
    Ge Wang
    Abstract | PDF file (332.7 KB)

  • Oxidation behaviour of a hot isostatically pressed silicon nitride material     p. C9-C5-881
    L. Themelin, M. Desmaison-Brut and M. Billy
    Abstract | PDF file (1.677 MB)

  • Etude du vieillissement d'éléments chauffants à haut-flux en graphite ou en composite carbone-carbone     p. C9-889
    H. Fuzellier, D. Guérard, K. Jaume and C. Oberlin
    Abstract | PDF file (4.289 MB)

  • Automatic evaluation of the performance of corrosion resistant LCVD silica coatings     p. C9-901
    J. Pou, S.J. Spencer, E. García, D. Fernández, P. González, B. León, S.R.J. Saunders and M. Pérez-Amor
    Abstract | PDF file (1.819 MB)

  • Modification de revêtements de MoSi2 sur molybdène par le germanium     p. C9-909
    P. Steinmetz, J. Steinmetz and B. Roques
    Abstract | PDF file (1.819 MB)

  • The effect of chlorine on the high temperature corrosion of SiO2-coated Incoloy 800H     p. C9-921
    V.A.C. Haanappel, H.D. van Corbach, R. Hofman, T. Fransen and P.J. Gellings
    Abstract | PDF file (1.825 MB)

  • The failure of iron oxide scales at growth temperature under tensile stress     p. C9-933
    M. Nagl, W.T. Evans, D.J. Hall and S.R.J. Saunders
    Abstract | PDF file (1.593 MB)

  • Mechanical properties of chromia scales     p. C9-943
    P.F. Tortorelli
    Abstract | PDF file (340.2 KB)

  • Comportement en frottement à chaud d'un acier 28NCDV10 oxydé à 850°C à l'air et en vapeur d'eau     p. C9-951
    M. Labaiz, I. Guillot, G. Beranger and D. Petelot
    Abstract | PDF file (3.143 MB)

  • Influence de l'état mécanique d'un alliage réfractaire sur sa réactivité à haute température     p. C9-963
    B. Dionnet, F. Clemendot and E Nardou
    Abstract | PDF file (1.946 MB)

  • Sliding Wear of TiN coated 321 stainless steel in CO2 at 300 and 500°C     p. C9-971
    F.H. Stott and D.R.G. Mitchell
    Abstract | PDF file (2.067 MB)

  • The effect of selective oxidation of chromium on the creep strength of alloy 617     p. C9-979
    P.J. Ennis, W.J. Quadakkers and H. Schuster
    Abstract | PDF file (1.777 MB)

  • Investigation on origins of residual stresses in Ni-NiO system by X-ray diffraction at high temperature     p. C9-987
    Chun Liu, Anne-Marie Huntz and Jean-Lou Lebrun
    Abstract | PDF file (3.700 MB)

  • Practical aspects of material data bases and expert systems for high-temperature corrosion and coatings in gas turbines     p. C9-1001
    Henry L. Bernstein
    Abstract | PDF file (1.117 MB)

  • Relational data structure of the coating database from the "Coatings & High Temperature Corrosion Data Bank"     p. C9-1013
    Stanislaw Komornicki and Roland Streiff
    Abstract | PDF file (359.8 KB)

  • Un modèle pour le calcul des déformations et des contraintes résiduelles dans les couches d'oxyde lors de chargements thermiques à régime variable     p. C9-1023
    A. Touati, J.M. Roelandt, F. Armanet, M . Lambertin and G. Béranger
    Abstract | PDF file (629.9 KB)

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